Wedding Favours that are Worth Giving and Keeping.

One important detail that every bride and groom should put some thought into is their wedding favour. These favours or “guest swag” is your thank you gift to your guests for their attendance and their gift. Your guests surely don’t want coasters emblazoned with your name and wedding date. Instead of spending on favours that your guests’ don’t need (or want), why not spend on items that will most likely be appreciated and kept by your family & friends. Here are 6 great gift items that are worth buying.

Alcohol or DIY Mixed Drinks

What guest will not want to take-home a mini bottle of champagne, wine or a combo or rum & coke? Before purchasing 200 mini bottles of alcohol, make sure to check with your venue if they allow alcohol as gift favours.

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Dessert or Candy

Boxed doughnut, cupcake, macarons is another must give thank you favours. What about having your guest pick their own candies to take home from a candy station? Perfect for the late night sweet cravings!

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Local Bottled Goodies

Give your guests a taste of your local fare. Jars of honey, homemade jam, olive oil, maple syrup and teas are practical treats. And I love how they are bottled beautifully.

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Potted Plants or Packaged Seeds

These are eco-friendly, green wedding favours. You can use the potted plants as decorative feature in your home or plant it in your garden and commemorate that awesome wedding you got to attend.

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Personalized Items

What way to thank your guests by having their own personalized items, such as a mug or pillow. Use them as table nametags or place them as seating cushion during the reception.

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The gift of giving! Make a donation to a charitable organization that matters to the bride and groom. Make sure to let your guests know that you made a donation in lieu of gift favours. Why not make your guest feel your passionate about helping and making a difference.

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