Kahlae Turned Dadlani


Kahlae and Aabad started off their weekend wedding celebration by hosting a welcome dinner. They both have a big blended family and have a big group of close friends. Hosting a welcome dinner was a perfect way to get them acquainted before their big day. On the morning of the wedding, Aabad and his groomsmen […]

Wedding Favours that are Worth Giving and Keeping.


One important detail that every bride and groom should put some thought into is their wedding favour. These favours or “guest swag” is your thank you gift to your guests for their attendance and their gift. Your guests surely don’t want coasters emblazoned with your name and wedding date. Instead of spending on favours that […]

A Bachelorette Party for Your Special Bride


With wedding season upon us, your dear MOH and bridesmaids are probably getting their heads together and beginning to plan the anticipated bachelorette party. For those who have not yet planned a bachelorette party, they may have a few questions lingering in their heads, like “what exactly is a bachelorette party?”, “who is invited to […]

Simple Elegance at Old Mill Toronto

1. IMG-540

Laurie-Ann and Paul were a dream couple to work with.  I enjoyed their laid back attitude and their joie de vi·vre.  Their wedding, held at the historic Old Mill Toronto was more than simply elegance and classy, it was filled with heartfelt love and tons of fun and laughter. This couple did not cut any […]

Wine Bottle Table Number & Menu Holders

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Last year, I used a DIY solution that offered a cheap and creative way to display table numbers and serve as a menu card holder using old wine bottles. With a little painting and some crafting, we ended up with an all flat black bottle with laser cut numbers on it. Here’s the step by […]